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The Windows 2003 Server End-of-Support Date is Quickly Approaching!

Upgrade Windows 2003 Server

You may think you know everything about your computer systems, but has your IT company been talking to you about upgrading your Windows 2003 server? If you’re still dependent on it there are a few things you need to know – like how support for the system is about to end. Your IT company should be talking to you right now about upgrade plans and how to smoothly make the transition.

Don’t let your business suffer because your IT company isn’t properly preparing you. There are a few main things you should be talking about before it comes time to upgrade.

 There’s No Time to Waste!

  • You don’t have much time to create a changeover plan with your IT company; Microsoft plans to end support for Windows 2003 Server on July 14th, 2015. Get started now so you’re not left unprepared, because the results can seriously harm your business.

Your System Will be At Risk

  • Unfixed security issues and outdated software will become bigger issues if you continue using Windows 2003 Sever after support ends.
  • Third party applications and products in use with Windows 2003 Server will likely no longer be supported, meaning your network will be facing even bigger issues and you’ll be left with insufficient hardware.

Every System is Unique

  • When you’re getting ready to upgrade, remember that deciding on an approach can be difficult and will be dependent on your unique IT environment. That’s why you need a reliable IT company to help navigate the transition.
  • We assess the risks and your IT environment to help your company create a unique plan to mitigate from Windows 2003 Sever.

Don’t be left in the cold when change comes. Understand what you’re up against and get the right IT team on your side to help ensure a smooth transition.

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