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Securing your network needs to be a priority.

There’s more at stake here than just annoying, temporary disruptions. If left unsecured, your network is vulnerable to the over 300 million new pieces of malware that were created in 2014. Much of that malware will result in significant data loss, which will cost an average of $150 per file to recover from, and thousands of files are usually compromised in a single attack.

A lot of businesses try to get by without any long-term IT support and just find a freelancer to fix IT problems when they pop up… others take a more proactive approach and hire in-house IT workers… others still save some money without sacrificing proactive support or long-term consulting by choosing a managed service provider.

Which option is best for your business?

Option A: Find a Freelance IT Worker Every Time You Need a Quick Fix

The cheapest option is to forgo long-term support and just hire a contractor to just come in when you’re having technical issues and log a few hours to fix whatever’s currently broken.

The problem with this option is that it is a reactionary, rather than proactive, solution. If you don’t actively protect your network from developing threats, you’re opening yourself up to vicious cyberattacks. The financial consequences of data loss we mentioned earlier (reminder: $150/compromised file) are enough to force 55% of businesses to close for good within 6 months of a security breach.

[buzzer sounds]

Let’s move on.

Option B: Hire an In-House IT Worker

For better protection, some companies are willing to invest more in their IT solution. Having employees dedicated entirely to maintaining your IT infrastructure will allow you to prevent costly disasters.

But small to medium-sized businesses often just don’t have the resources to advertise an opening, check the backgrounds and hold a round of interviews for the most qualified candidates, and then, most importantly, invest in the substantial wages and benefits (the average low-level IT worker makes ~$50,000 a year) it takes to add another member to your staff.

[buzzer sounds]

Having IT experts always available right there in your office might be the ideal solution, but the ideal solution is rarely a realistic one.

That’s 2 strikes…

Option C: Managed Services

So the first option is too ineffective, and the second option is too expensive. Is there a Goldilocks solution that offers just the right combination of effectiveness and affordability?

Yes, there is: managed services.

[ding, ding, ding]

We’ve found a winner, folks.

Managed services provide the proactive measures that a reactionary approach lacks. The managed services offered by C.D.'s IT Consulting LLC also provide the access to a team of experts you’d get with your own in-house IT department, all for an affordable flat rate that is significant less than the cost of a just one low-level, full-time employee.

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