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Do You Lay Awake At Night Concerned About Your Business IT Security?  You Should! Many Businesses In Indianapolis Are Not Properly Protected!

IT Security

Just turning on the news today can be scary – every day there are new stories about data breaches and companies crippled because of their effects. Are you equipped to handle a breach if it hits your business? Do you have the proper precautions in place to prevent one before it occurs? Concern is growing every day, and you need to be sure you know what to look out for and how to work with an IT team to properly protect yourself.

  • Weak Password Protection

This probably seems trivial, but businesses lose data all the time because employees either neglect to protect information properly or don’t use a password at all. Weak passwords are the easiest way for hackers to get into your system! By using generic or easily-guessable passwords, you’re handing over access to criminals virtually for free. Two-factor authentication is a great way to better protect your data.

  • Mobile Devices

We know that businesses are changing; especially the way employees get work done. Offices are becoming less and less integral to completing tasks, as employees work on the go from their laptops, tablets or even smartphones. If you’re allowing your employees to use personal devices in the office or outside of work to view company data, you need to ensure they’re properly protected. Stolen and lost devices are a huge issue facing many companies today.

  • Online Scams

This can’t be stressed enough – your staff needs to be trained on proper online etiquette. Clicking on a malicious link or downloading a corrupt file can do major damage not only to the computer they’re using, but to your entire network.

  • Cloud Storage

The cloud is an incredibly useful tool – but it’s also new. That means many people don’t know everything about it yet, like where your data really goes when it’s being stores there, or where it passes through to get there. Always pay attention to privacy settings in the cloud and talk with your IT team about the security it provides.

  • No Protection for The Future

It’s baffling that despite all we know about cybercrime and security today, some IT companies still aren’t preparing for their clients’ future. You need to have checks in place to ensure that your business won’t be crippled by a data breach, which is why we provide business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

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