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When Selecting Your Next Indianapolis IT Support Company, Make Sure Security Is Top Of Their Agenda

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From the first day man lived in caves, we knew there were threats to our well-being; there were large beasts that roamed the earth, and when we went to sleep at night, we always assigned someone to keep watch so we were safe and secure.

Now in our modern age, we no longer have to worry about being attacked by large animals, but security is still just as important as it was back then. It’s just that the landscape has changed. Instead of worrying about wolves in the night, we face threats from criminals on the Internet looking to steal personal data. Instead of watching out for fires, we’re ensuring our businesses aren’t dragged under by unexpected disaster.

Security is more important than ever to making sure your livelihood is protected. So why would you choose an Indianapolis IT support company that wouldn’t prioritize it? Don’t leave your business and your employees at risk: Invest in the proper IT security to stop cybercriminals in their tracks and prepare your business to survive and stay operational in the face of any disaster.

But how do you know that security is top of mind for your IT company?

Indianapolis is a rapidly growing city, with many IT companies to choose from. When researching your options of your next Indianapolis IT support company, examine the company’s security initiative, and ask yourself the important questions:

  1. How long has the IT support company been in business, and what is their reputation for safety and reliance?
  2. Do they offer business continuity planning to keep you operational during disaster?
  3. What kind of training do they offer to help your staff avoid data breaches or cybercriminal tactics like phishing attempts?
  4. How do they stay up-to-date on emerging threats like new forms of malware?

As the thirteenth largest city in the United States with a population of 852, 866 as of 2013, and with a projected growth rate of 15% by 2050, Indianapolis is a strong place to invest. But that also means Indianapolis businesses are becoming tempting targets for cybercriminals.

Don’t leave your business at risk when IT security is simple.

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