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“Secrets,” you say? “What are you talking about? Why would my current IT Company in Indianapolis be keeping secrets from me?”

Well, read on to learn more:

Did you know that? —

  1. You’re likely paying too much for IT support! Unless you have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) from your current IT provider in Indianapolis, who guarantees unlimited tech support for a fixed, monthly fee, then you’re paying too much for IT support. A reputable company provides Managed IT Services and Support for a fixed, monthly fee.
  1. Most Anti-Virus Software Programs won’t protect you from today’s cyber threats! Many commonly used security programs won’t protect you from today’s sophisticated cyber attacks. Antivirus software only catches the “low-hanging fruits.” With today’s zero-day vulnerabilities, and security holes in security software applications, your IT security is at risk. You need more protection.
  1. Our State and Federal Governments are at risk from cyber attacks—And your business is too! Attacks on U.S. Department of Defense computer systems, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Department of the Treasury, have increased over the past five years. If our governments aren’t safe, how can your business be? You need an IT provider who can spell out, in detail, exactly how they plan to keep the cyber criminals out of your network.
  1. Storing data in a public cloud is risky. To be secure, your business requires private, co-located data centers for your data storage! Storing your data in a public cloud may be convenient, but this convenience could be jeopardizing your data security. You need an IT provider who can ensure the security of your data, and retrieval of it, in the instance of a data loss, whether it’s from a natural disaster, or a manmade one.
  1. You’re not getting the live, local IT Help Desk Support you deserve, —Nor the ROI for your IT investment! Does your tech support provide a live person to talk to, 24/7? Are you required to leave a message when you have an IT issue? IT support is a cheap commodity these days, and you “get what you pay for.” Unless your IT Company provides live, help-desk support around the clock, then you’re not getting the return on investment that you deserve!

CD IT’s doesn’t keep secrets from our clients—And we won’t keep secrets from you. We can address all these issues, and more. 

We invite you to call or email us. We’ll tell you what your IT company in Indianapolis is missing, and how we provide more IT Support for your money.

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