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Migrating business data to the cloud has been like a universal cure for a lot of businesses.   Having vital information in the cloud allows a company to spend less on IT and infrastructure, which they can put into other projects.  It also allows their employees to access that information from anywhere, discussing a job […]

NotPetya Malware Refuses to Let Up – Latest Malware Variant Bad Rabbit Targets Business Owners and is Spreading Fast Since Tuesday, reports of the Bad Rabbit ransomware virus have been flashing across news screens everywhere. The virus started its rampage in Europe, bubbling up in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Germany. However, the full extent of […]

Petya’s Latest Variant — Bad Rabbit — Leaves Companies in Shambles as It Spreads Worldwide; US Department of Homeland Security on Alert. Early Wednesday morning, leading anti-virus security company, Avast, reported that the Bad Rabbit virus – a variant of Petya ransomware — had made its way to the US. Though specific breach details are […]

Is your non-profit relying on the limited tech skills of a volunteer or employee who has other full-time duties in your organization?  Discover the benefits of, and tips for, outsourcing your IT. Tips for Outsourcing Tech for Your Non-Profit There tends to be thinking that the operation of a non-profit organization is far different from […]

You have probably seen and benefited from a Google featured snippet.  It’s the box at the top of the search results which contain the exact information you need.  Question is, how can your business score this great marketing opportunity? Instead of just typing a few keywords into your Google search, such as hotels in Hartford […]

More businesses move to the cloud each day.  Learn how offering cloud accounting services can send your practice to new heights.   With the increasing availability of cloud technology, more and more accounting firms are floating up onto the cloud, almost as if they have stolen a taste of Willy Wonka’s famous Fizzy Lifting Drink.  No […]