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Phishing attempts can be devastating for both an individual or an organization, but you can avoid disaster by following these six simple steps. Companies and individuals alike are constantly being bombarded by phishing attempts. Through a phishing attempt, a cyber criminals will attempt to request confidential information from you, often login information to another system. […]

This is an article about the recent hack of the popular password manager OneLogin. We will briefly examine the impact this might have had on its users.   In a blog post, the chief security officer of OneLogin Mr. Alvaro Hoyos said that they were aware of unauthorized access to their data in the US […]

There are three types of technologies that every business needs if they want to transform, grow, and achieve new levels of success.   Technology has been at the forefront of business development for decades. However, as technology has begun to advance more rapidly, so too has the need for nearly instantaneous business transformations. Across the […]

We know that any business can take advantage of great technology; they just need the right guidance to get there. We provide that guidance, but we first take the time to listen and get to understand your business’ workflow, processes, and IT needs.

You get into business because you’re good at what you do, and you want to focus on that. It’s the same for us. Technology is what WE do! That’s why we take care of all your technology needs — to let you focus on growing your business.

Maybe it sounds cliché, but we pride ourselves in building partnerships that last. Over half of our clients have been with us for more than ten years. Why? Because we keep evolving to meet their needs today, tomorrow, and another ten years down the road. We’ll do the same for you.

Digital strategy today requires the flexibility to create without barriers while looking for collaborators in a variety of unlikely places. The world has a strong history of revolution — industrial revolutions, that is. This time around, the driving force for change is not how to do things faster or more efficiently. Instead, Industry 4.0 is […]

Ransomware is a crippling, vicious attack with devastating consequences for corporations and small business owners alike. What steps should you take if your company is being held hostage by ransomware?   Ransomware has become a global threat, attacking some of the world’s largest companies, including Merck, Federal Express and much more. Businesses of all sizes are […]

The C.D.'s IT Consulting LLC team is composed of friendly, highly skilled individuals who have expertise in a wide array of technology disciplines. Our contribution to a business like yours is one of optimization, compliance, and stability. After all, you don’t want the latest flashy technology so you can show it off. You just want your IT systems […]