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Many Americans put their money in the bank as a method of keeping it safe and secure. Most do not realize, though, that one policy employed by financial institutions which is meant to protect them could actually be putting their sensitive financial information at risk. In fact, according to the Cyber Forensic Research and Education […]

Windows long dominated as a popular operating system for law firms. Yet, as Mac gained in market share over the decades, an increasing number of law firms have switched from a PC to a Mac for their practices. For much of the time, the assumption was that Windows was superior for a business environment for […]

There are at least two known vulnerabilities in QuickTime for Windows. While this is not the first time vulnerabilities have been found in this video playing program, it is the first time that Apple will not be patching them. Apple’s support for QuickTime for Windows ended in January of this year, though they did not […]

Word is going out among the business community that Windows users should uninstall QuickTime for Windows as soon as possible. Why is this important? After all, QuickTime is an old and trusted program. The two important reasons to uninstall QuickTime from Windows computers are: Apple is no longer going to issue security updates for QuickTime […]

Software for collaborative work known as “groupware” has existed in some form since the first computer networks connected American researchers on opposite coasts in the 1970s. Security wasn’t an issue in those days but it certainly has become one today. Security is the largest obstacle to adoption of groupware technologies in professional fields with sensitive […]

A disturbing new trend is emerging in the world of cyber attacks on businesses, and it could mean bad news for organizations across the board. In the past, companies may have been hacked and had data compromised or stolen. Or, perhaps their networks were infiltrated by a virus, and data loss and system downtime temporarily […]

C.D.'s IT Consulting LLC is excited to announce that we have added another member to our skilled team of professionals. The newest member of our team is Bill Cowgill, who will be joining us as our new Help Desk Analysist, working hard to assist our valued clients with their technology. Cowgill is a valuable asset to the C.D.'s IT Consulting LLC […]

Two Malicious Web Campaigns You Should Know About A sophisticated, malicious attack tool called Angler is an exploit kit redirecting users to landing pages hosting the Angler EK. Scanning browsers for vulnerabilities in plug-ins such as the Adobe Flash plug-in, Angler EK infects computers with a variety of malware, including Trojans and even ransomware, a […]

Data security is not just important to big data firms, it’s important to everyone. Every day, hackers, cyber thieves, and cyber terrorists are looking for easy targets- and all too often- those targets are innocent and hard working people like you. Here are the top 10 most important ways you can secure your data and […]

Nowadays both at home and at work, everyone is pretty much joined at the hip with an email account. Marketers, junk mailers, and spammers clog our in boxes to where, according to one USA Today article, people can spend nearly 30 percent of each work week just managing and triaging their email. With so much […]