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There has been a lot of confusion regarding what Windows 10 is and is not doing to your computer after you download it. If you believe all of the hype, then Windows 10 is making a copy of all of your information and squirreling it away at Microsoft. Well, that’s just not true. There has […]

A Funeral for Flash It should be safe to say that Adobe’s Flash Player has certainly run its course. But why is it still running? This flawed technology’s time has been over for years. More and more users are becoming wary of its exploits and the damage the lack of proper security measures available can […]

The world of technology is both exciting and scary. Your business thrives off the use of it, but your maker can also become your destroyer. Online fraud is one of the most widespread forms of cybercrime out there, and one of the easiest to commit. These attackers use technology to steal your identity and financial […]

Apple’s new trade-in program might just help cut-down costs for those who have bad luck keeping their iPhones in perfect condition. They are hoping to achieve an increase in sales by allowing iPhone users to trade in their damaged iPhones (5s and up) for an upgrade rather than a standard screen repair. Apple has stated […]

If you haven’t heard, Tuesday, February 9th 2016 marks the annual Safer Internet Day, and Google will be celebrating (again) by offering a reward of 2GB of additional Drive space for everyone who is willing to participate in a simple security check up. Free storage in exchange for a free security scan that will increase […]

If you’re like me, you’re getting pretty sick of hackers, or as I like to call them criminals, using their technology skills to find new and dubious ways of making our lives exponentially more difficult. The banking malware Dridex is currently at the top of my list of malware that infuriates me, why? Because they […]