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Keep Your Company in Google’s Top Search by Adapting HTTPS It’s time to start concentrating on your company’s website security. Google is now prioritizing HTTPS as a ranking signal and if your website still contains HTTP, you’re prone to get over looked. Security is a top priority. Google is working on making the web a […]

As companies are making efforts to obtain Level 1 PCI compliance, they are required to provide overwhelming amounts of evidence to a third-party assessor, specifically qualified for the job. Other levels of PCI can be achieved by merely completing a self-assessment questionnaire, as well as passing quarterly security scans. Level 1 is not so easily […]

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to securing your business’ Information Technology. Network, email, backups and more present vulnerabilities in your business that could easily be exploited by cybercriminals. Even something as seemingly minor as outdated hardware can present a serious threat to your data’s integrity. Assessment professionals TechCheck recently released a report […]

A majority of hackers worldwide have adopted one of the most dangerous attack techniques known to date in the world of cyber security – spear phishing! Did you know that spear phishing is the attack method used in 91% of cyber-attacks? Spear phishing attacks differ from the more common phishing attack by targeting a subset […]

Introducing Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface 4 Pro, the tablet that gives you greater mobility – and lower costs of course! How can Microsoft’s Surface Book or Surface 4 Pro be beneficial for your business you ask? Our team of professional experts is here to provide you with some current information about both Surface models […]

Targeted email scams are on the rise, with attackers using email to fool victims into sending money to the cybercriminals by acting as a familiar source, such as a client, vendor or anyone else that it may seem normal to send payment to via wire transfer.  These attacks have been dubbed by the FBI as […]