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Windows 10 Is Now Available…It is crucial that you check with your IT experts before you make the move to this new version of Windows. In our years of providing IT services and support for a wide range of industries, C.D.'s IT Consulting LLC has learned many valuable lessons. One of those lessons is that the newest or […]

Last week, the famous hacker organization, Anonymous, compromised databases used by the US Census Bureau in an attack, and subsequently leaked the stolen information online. According to Anonymous, the attack was a form of protest against the US government’s current negotiations involving the controversial TPO and TIPP trade agreements. Anonymous only targeted and leaked information […]

As business apps and the use of mobile devices become more of a standard in the workplace today, companies need to be aware of the inherent risks involved. Hacker-made fake apps and compromised personal mobile devices can be detrimental to the security of corporate and private information, so to keep safe, the risks need to […]

Driving a Chrysler Vehicle? Install This Patch Immediately! Chrysler is striving to turn the traditional automobile into a smart, connected device – and although it’s an innovative, exciting concept, there’s a significant downfall. Chrysler’s UConnect system, which has been installed into cars since the end of 2013, is an Internet-connected feature that controls entertainment and […]

When you’re not leveraging the full power of technology, it’s easy to find that you’re dealing with more issues than benefits. But IT should be helping you thrive, not holding you back. That’s why we, along with our services and support, provide consulting and guidance to ensure you understand the tools we provide. With a […]

Security researchers from Google’s Project Zero and FireEye have discovered a critical flaw in various versions of Windows, and Microsoft has released an emergency out-of-band patch to deal with the situation. In a statement of advisory on Monday (July 20), Microsoft informed customers about the issue, warning that the vulnerability could “allow remote code execution […]

With the release of Windows 10 this month, Microsoft is once again giving businesses innovative, exciting software designed to help ensure you’re always thriving. Focusing on productivity, flexibility, and ease of use, Windows 10 offers users a host of features that will streamline tasks, make collaboration easier, and improve the overall functionality of your workforce. […]

Every company focuses on developing strategies to grow their revenue, reduce costs and analyze customer satisfaction. An overall objective is defined which then translates into the approaches to be taken by the specific units in the company such as marketing, finance, sales, products and services, human resources and others. But, what about the IT department? […]

While long detailed emails are highly informative, the positive impact of shorter emails cannot be overrated. “Less than five sentences is often abrupt and rude, more than five sentences wastes time,” affirms Guy Kawasaki, author and successful entrepreneur.  There is truth to Kawasaki’s claims, and many business-minded people seem to be taking note.  The days […]