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Karen Turner, CEO of Turner Efficiency has shared another great tip on how to make yourself and your team more efficient using technology.  Check this out. Returning calls can be difficult to remember. Make it easier by having the caller do the remembering.  In other words, when you receive a phone call during a meeting, send a […]

Information Technology is the backbone of every business these days. Your company depends on its systems functioning properly every day. Are you prepared for the moment when disaster strikes and you can no longer access your important records and systems? Data disasters come in many shapes and sizes; an unexpected power surge or outage, cybercrime, […]

Securing your network needs to be a priority. There’s more at stake here than just annoying, temporary disruptions. If left unsecured, your network is vulnerable to the over 300 million new pieces of malware that were created in 2014. Much of that malware will result in significant data loss, which will cost an average of […]

QuickBooks is one of the most popular financial software used by small businesses. Countless businesses use it to keep track of their books, whether they do accounting in-house or connect with a bookkeeper outside the office. Companies that use QuickBooks rely on it to stay on top of their finances and keep everything in proper […]

Installing MS Office Update 14.5.0 WILL Impact Your Ability to Use Outlook! Mac Office 2011 version 14.5.0 was released on May 12th, 2015, however, most users are reporting serious issues after installing the update – so we strongly urge you to avoid doing so. After updating, many users reported an issue with Outlook – the […]

Your team is all about fostering a spirit of creativity and collaboration. After all, information technology is one of the fastest-changing industries in Indianapolis. Every year, new technologies and new IT strategies are developed that offer new and better ways to do business. And at the same time, new threats like viruses and hacking techniques are […]

It can be difficult to attract new clients. No matter how much you lower your prices or improve the quality of your services, competitors in town always seem to be able to do the same. How can you stand out from the competition? It’s hard enough just to stand out; to make those branding efforts […]

Are cybercriminals getting their dirty paws on your fingerprints? It sounds like a crazy idea, but experts are reporting that a recently discovered flaw on the Galaxy S5 makes it possible. Now, there’s no need to throw out your phone just yet. The chances of your fingerprints having been stolen are incredibly low – in […]

To celebrate Accounting Day, here is a look at how moving to cloud-based computing could benefit your firm. May 18 Is Accounting Day.  Are Your IT Systems In Order? There is a good reason why cloud computing is on the rise. Firms moving to the cloud can realize significant savings on hardware acquisition and maintenance; […]