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Working online provides us countless benefits – from easy communications with family and friends and seamless collaboration between employees, speed, easy management of tasks… the list goes on and on. But with all of those benefits come risks, and not knowing how to manage your online presence can be incredibly dangerous. We type our information […]

What Does This Mean for YOUR Business? It’s a topic that’s sparked debate and launched protests, and today a decision has finally been reached. With a 3-2 vote, the Federal Communications Commission approved a policy known as net neutrality. Chances are, you’ve heard of it, but do you know what it means? Closer Regulation of […]

No matter what decision you’re making for your company, it’s important to consider every factor. You need your business to be covered from every angle, and outsourcing IT provides CEO’s with a huge number of benefits to improve their business and more easily manage their employees and tasks. There are several factors that make it […]

The Windows 2003 Server End-of-Support Date is Quickly Approaching! You may think you know everything about your computer systems, but has your IT company been talking to you about upgrading your Windows 2003 server? If you’re still dependent on it there are a few things you need to know – like how support for the […]

When Selecting Your Next Indianapolis IT Support Company, Make Sure Security Is Top Of Their Agenda From the first day man lived in caves, we knew there were threats to our well-being; there were large beasts that roamed the earth, and when we went to sleep at night, we always assigned someone to keep watch […]

Make Sure Your Lenovo Laptop Isn’t at Risk From a Newly Discovered Cybercrime Security Threat! If you use a Lenovo laptop, you’re at great risk of being hacked right now. It was recently discovered that Lenovo had recently sold laptops packaged with Superfish adware automatically installed on them. What does that mean? Not only is […]

Stuck Using Apple Maps For Directions On Your iPhone?  Here’s How To Dump Apple Maps And Go With Google Maps. It’s relatively well-known that Apple Maps leaves quite a bit to be desired. And when you’re getting Siri to assist with directions, unfortunately, it’s her go-to app. Few people know, though, that it doesn’t have […]

Unsure Which Dental Software Package Makes Sense For Your Practice? Dental software plays a huge part in practices today, helping to streamline work and make clients information safer and more secure than ever. Plus, it helps to avoid the struggle of coordinating the schedules of your dentist and hygienist. With all of the options out […]

Getting a grasp on every feature that your iPhone has to offer can be tough, and it’s even more frustrating when simple features like screen rotate aren’t working. Does your phone appear to be stuck in landscape or portrait mode? Are you spinning your phone around so much that it makes you dizzy… and the […]

There’s a lot to keep track of when you’re running a business – from day-to-day tasks to larger issues like security and compliance, it can be tough to always think of everything. Working with a great IT company will help you understand how your technology works for you, and also ensure that you’re in compliance […]