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Verizon Wireless has been receiving warnings for months from cybersecurity experts stating that they’ve been putting their customers’ privacy at risk. Computer codes used by Verizon to tag and follow their mobile subscribers are leaving them vulnerable to hidden tracking. It’s been reported this month that Turn – an advertising software company – was using […]

Over 1.3 billion people log into Facebook every day. Cybercriminals DROOL at the thought of all the scams they could run on even a tiny fraction of the user base. Too many people are eager to click the wrong link and end up downloading malware or leaking sensitive data that opens bank accounts, locks down […]

It’s almost that time of year – now is the time to determine where you’ll go to get your tax returns done. But tax companies you used to trust, like TurboTax, have hiked up their prices. As of last year, TurboTax changed how it categorized options for online filing. They got rid of the “Basic” […]

What’s the one thing modern businesses depend on more than anything else? Technology. For most business owners, it’s an incredibly difficult, often stressful decision to select a business computer service company – and why shouldn’t it be? Your business computer service company will be responsible for keeping the technology you and your staff members depend […]

Are you proactive when it comes to your I.T. security? — Or do you simply hope for the best? We know you’re busy. However, if you don’t plan ahead, a single security breach will take down your business! Hackers Are Finding Their Way Into YOUR Systems Right Now! Unless you’re proactive about I.T. security, you’re […]

Efficient use of technology makes all the difference when it comes to security and productivity. There’s nothing more frustrating than computers or networks that go down at the worst possible time. Downtimes pose significant problems, leading to: Lost productivity, Increased expenses, Loss of customer satisfaction, and Reduced revenue. We understand that selecting an I.T. company […]

Any IT company in Indianapolis wants your business, and because of that, they’ll do just about anything to lock you into a service contract. CDs IT Consulting, on the other hand, prides ourselves on looking out for our clients and providing the absolute best support possible for anyone doing business with us. Don’t fall for the […]

Few things are as frustrating as technology that just won’t work, right? How many times have you wanted to throw your home computer out the window because you got the blue screen of death AGAIN? You get fed up, you turn off the computer, and you go do something else because you’re just so mad. […]

The department of Labor sent out an email last month informing Americans about updates to its Affordable Care Act page – hackers have now taken that email and used it as a template to spread a new scam. Be careful if you find an email about Affordable Care in your inbox, because it could be […]