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For many Apple-based office environments, Safari is the browser of choice due to its ease of use and quick learning curve, and as an added benefit, updates are released fairly regularly. In fact, one of the recent updates featured keyboard shortcuts that help employees save time and reduce hassle to become more productive throughout the […]

“Secrets,” you say? “What are you talking about? Why would my current IT Company in Indianapolis be keeping secrets from me?” Well, read on to learn more: Did you know that? — You’re likely paying too much for IT support! Unless you have a Service Level Agreement (SLA) from your current IT provider in Indianapolis, […]

Unlike many others, CD’s IT Consulting Can: Provide all-inclusive, comprehensive service for all of your computers, mobile devices, servers, network devices and more. Be there for you when you need us with: 24/7 Support Consulting Design Implementation Management Be Your One-Stop Source For All Your IT Solutions—We’ll eliminate the headaches, wasted time, and energy of […]

A critical flaw has been discovered in over 12 million routers that could open up a network to easy hijacking by cybercriminals. Is your business safe from cybercrime? Find out for certain with the security experts at C.D.'s IT Consulting LLC – call us at (317) 522-1362 ext 2 today for a vulnerability assessment. The security researchers at Check Point Software […]

Maybe you’ve heard some hacker horror stories in your experience. All it takes is clicking one wrong link and then, BAM, malware is installed, accounts are broken into, and identities are stolen. There’s one particularly vicious tactic that some hackers use now, especially during the holidays. Once their malware is installed on their victim’s computer […]

Having an Android device is like running a computer and, when you get it, you install everything you possibly can. Ever notice that it may be lagging behind or you still need more efficient tools and apps? Stop being frustrated and follow this guide to improving the security and efficiency of your Android device. 1.   […]

If you’re reading this on an Apple device, sit up and pay attention. A rare security patch has been released by Apple that you need to install right now to protect your systems from hackers. Whether you’re running Yosemite, Mavericks, or Mountain Lion OS X systems, you may be vulnerable to a recently discovered security […]

It’s official! The U.S. Senate passed the extension to Section 179 of the IRS tax code, and President Obama signed it into law as of December 19th. That means your business needs to act right now in order to potentially save up to $500,000 on your taxes for 2014. You can read more about the […]

The year is ending and the holidays are near. All you can focus on is what needs to get done and what your goals are for the following year. You have plenty on your mind and some of it has to do with financials and expansion. Profits and setting goals to achieve are difficult. Never […]

Redding Troy Insurance is an independent insurance agency that has loyally served businesses in the Indianapolis area since 1909. Today, they rely on their computers, network and IT solutions to quote, issue, and endorse customized insurance policies for their many clients. The Problem Redding Troy needs reliable, secure IT capabilities so they can download confidential […]