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In the financial services industry, many financial management firms are facing significant challenges in terms of risk management, customer acquisition and retention, and the ongoing struggle of transforming into a technologically advanced firm, in order to maintain a competitive edge. In addition, many financial management firms are having a hard time responding to rapidly evolving […]

Business continuity is a part of risk assessment that every enterprise should consider. It is about understanding what risks your business faces and developing strategies to ensure that operations continue to function after and during a disruption. A business continuity plan enhances your ability to analyze what operations, products and services are core to your […]

Your sensitive data is the foundation of your business, but unfortunately, your data is constantly at risk – from natural disasters to human errors to malicious intent, many businesses have experienced some form of data loss; and the latest form of ransomware strives to steal and encrypt as much data as possible. Introducing CryptoWall 2.0: […]

C.D.'s IT Consulting LLC Offers Network Design Consulting to Help You Achieve the Reliable & Secure Network YOU Deserve! Did you know your network is one of your most vital assets? As businesses continue to evolve and become more competitive than ever before, a solid and reliable network is fundamental to ensure shared access to resources, such as […]

Daylight Savings Time will end this year on Sunday, November 2, 2014. Aside from the extra hour of sleep and the morning commute in darkness little will change for the business world. Almost all technological devices – from the smartphone whose alarm you depend on to your workstation computer, should automatically update its internal clock […]

CryptoWall, a dangerous form of ransomware that’s similar to CryptoLocker, infiltrates users’ computers and encrypts their files, then demands a ransom fee for the decryption key. So how does the ransomware infect computers? Well, there’s a few ways: Spam emails with malicious links/attachments. Drive-by download attacks from infected websites. Various other forms of malicious activity. […]

Less Than 300 Days to Upgrade or Face Significant Security Threats & Noncompliance Fines! Windows Server 2003 is joining Windows XP in the operating system graveyard come July 15, 2015. As the server platform draws closer to its End of Life it is apparent that, like the EOL debacle surrounding Windows XP, many businesses will […]

Microsoft Excel is a tool most of us use but few of us truly understand. From client lists to call sheets, purchase orders to audits, almost every business person has some use for the data management tool that is Excel. Here are six basic tips that can help you get around Excel with greater efficiency […]

Urgent Warning: Your Flashlight App Might Be Tracking You & Stealing YOUR Confidential Financial Details and Personal Information! Have you installed a flashlight app to transform your camera flash into a convenient tool for wandering around in the dark? If so, it’s time to rethink that decision! According to Snoopwall, a leading security firm, the […]